What can I do to help Save Wild Moray?

You CAN make a difference and we DO need your help

General Support (3 mins of your time will make the world of difference)

Lodge a Formal Objection to any current campaign on the Object Now page

Sign up to our newsletter alerts – so we can alert you to the critical moments in any Moray wind farm campaign

Support us on social media and encourage other people to sign up to Save Wild Morays newsletter alerts

Spread the word to your family & friends, both far and wide and encourage them to support the cause

Identify your key local Political Representatives on the Object Now page and make sure they’re left in no doubt about your views. These people serve us and need to reflect the opinion of their electorate.

If you have extra time to spare, please read our site and those of our link partners – take time to understand the broader issues

Help steer our activities by responding to the occasional online survey

Become a Campaign Coordinator in your local area (an hour a week or as involved as you want to get)

Please do all the above …. PLUS become a Campaign Coordinator (email us here to express your interest)

Spread the word in your neighbourhood – with leaflets and other collateral (as supplied by SWM)

Hound your local Community Council (links here) and keep them abreast of your views & those of your neighbours

Do the same with any local businesses in your area – of ALL sizes – and encourage them to join us. In many cases, the future of their own businesses may depend upon us being successful. Don’t support those who can’t be bothered to support Wild Moray

Maintain contact with any local supporters who might be less computer savvy and may need a hand to download material

Be ready to distribute hard copy material at critical points in any campaign

Just be an Ambassador for a great cause!

TOP PRIZE if you’re really committed would be to volunteer for our Steering Group

We’re looking for the best talent in Moray - any lawyers, environmentalists, planners, marketeers, financiers and all others beside with a free moment and the grace to contribute their expertise to local Public benefit. (email us here to express your interest)

Once we’ve seen off the Industrial Wind Corporate Cowboys and their Political Lackeys is it too much to hope that we could all play a part in Moray leading Scotlands energy revolution of tomorrow?

An alliance of Community Development Trusts, Land Owners, Financiers & Energy Specialists could fashion a new model for sustainable Community led local Energy solutions as part of a winning Global cause.

The Save Wild Moray team can be contacted on: hub@savewildmoray.com