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Our Mission

To Save Wild Moray before it becomes The Land of a Thousand Turbines

Within the next few years Moray and its surrounding areas risk being submerged under more than 600 onshore industrial wind turbines covering its most beautiful uplands, alongside more than 400 offshore turbines even now in development just off the Moray coastline.

As well as hundreds of new onshore industrial turbines, many existing ones will soon be increased in size and new Transmission Lines, Substations other infrastructure will scar our countryside. Hundreds of thousands of trees are due to be removed from our upland areas, to be replaced by tonnes of concrete & steel and a forest of Turbines up to 224 metres in height.

Foreign corporations & sovereign wealth funds, alongside a handful of Moray landowners will reap the benefit of this destruction. Few meaningful long term Moray jobs will be created but hundreds will be threatened. So called Community Benefit will be promised on an ad hoc basis, paid out of our own taxes & electricity bills and reflecting a fraction of the true cost to the Natural Capital of Moray, whose people will be left with the desecration of our wild spaces, considerably higher energy bills and minimal net benefit to our environment.

There is a better way and we all have the chance to influence this if we act now. Failure to do so and we will have no-one to blame but ourselves. This is a now or never call to action. Click below to see an animation depicting the gradual destruction of Wild Moray

The issue

Every day international developers are at work - from China, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France & beyond - quietly planning the destruction of Moray’s wild lands.

With their paths eased by the Scottish Governments flawed energy policy - predicated as it is on electricity from 100% renewables aka wind turbines, they pay peanuts in application fees and tie up planning officers for months assessing the impacts and preparing reports for the decision takers, our elected councillors. The process results in the planning authorities refusing application after application only to have these democratically made decisions overturned by the Scottish Governments quango the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals.  Moray folk attend endless exhibitions of proposed wind farms and engage in the “ public Consultation” process, ticking the developers “engagement with the public” box only to have their views ignored.    

An unholy alliance has developed, fuelled purely by MONEY

  • Ruthless Foreign Corporations - with no connection to Moray, but making millions from our distorted energy market - entirely at OUR expense

  • Local Landowners - happy to accept huge cash sums from Developers whilst seeing the impact fall on their neighbours & the people of Moray

  • Local Community Councils - struggling to balance the temptation of short term “Community Benefits” versus the long term destruction of our Natural Capital.

  • National & Local Politicians - who either underestimate or choose to ignore the strong antipathy towards Industrial Wind amongst the local electorate

    ………. between them, they will be the death of Moray’s Wild Landscapes if things continue on today’s trajectory.

Its time for Moray’s Silent Majority to step up and get involved - and to ACT NOW. The impact of decisions made today will only become evident in FIVE years time at which point the damage will be irreversible and all of us will be left explaining to our grandchildren what we did - or did not do - to stop the destruction of Morays Wild Landscapes.

Accurate artists image of the proposed Rothes 3 wind farm, seen from the main A95 near Aberlour, dwarfing Archiestown at top right. That’s quite some addition to iconic Speyside?

Accurate artists image of the proposed Rothes 3 wind farm, seen from the main A95 near Aberlour, dwarfing Archiestown at top right. That’s quite some addition to iconic Speyside?

What did YOU do
when Morays Wild Landscapes
were being destroyed all around you?

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