Who are Save Wild Moray?

We are Moray folk, our friends & supporters

We care about our environment, our history and our people

We cherish the past, care about the present and carry responsibility for the future

We are committed, rational, intelligent, broad minded, modern & determined

We are not political, racist, sexist, classist or ageist - we are all of us.

We respect Nature and recognise that destroying it is easy, repairing it very hard

We are the voice of the Silent Majority

We are the people of Save Wild Moray

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Why are Save Wild Moray getting involved?

Save Wild Moray simply wants to ensure that we all look to the future and beyond Scotlands current myopic approach when it comes to developing todays renewable energy solutions for our Region, Country & World.

We aim to defend Morays wild areas from senseless destruction at the hands of rapacious International Developers in collaboration with some of Morays own local Land Owners and our hard pressed Community & Political Representatives.

We DO want to play a part in the development of a modern, local Renewable energy solution for Moray, using a range of environmentally friendly energy options, at Community level, that balance benefit & impact and deliver optimum outcomes & value for all of us in Moray, whilst doing our bit for the Planet.

We DO NOT want to become corporate victims or political pawns in a bigger game that does nothing for Moray nor the broader environment in which we live. We’re not interested in horse trades over numbers and heights of turbines nor arguments for one location over another.

We want …….

NO NEW Industrial Turbine developments in Moray

NO EXTENSIONS NOR REPOWERING of existing developments


‘Simples’ as those friendly meerkats would say?

The Save Wild Moray team can be contacted on: hub@savewildmoray.com