Paul’s Hill 2

Pauls Hill 2 is another proposed development from Fred Olsen Renewables who are also trying to expand their neighbouring Rothes development. Both form part of the massive 300 turbine Upper Lossie Wind Farm - including Clashgour, Berryburn 1 & 2, Rothes 1, 2 &3, Hill of Claschyle, Kellas, Meikle Hill & Ourok - within a few miles of the headwaters of the Lossie & Findhorn - two of Morays most iconic rivers. Pauls Hill already dominates the Spey Valley and this extension will further exacerbate the damage to this iconic wild area, a critical element of Morays important tourism industry.

Things are now hotting up with the Pauls Hills 2 enquiry scheduled for September 2019. Rather than being able to present each local development in virtual isolation, Fred Olsen Renewables have thankfully been forced to submit more accurate Cumulative Landscape Visualisations, properly reflecting the several live applications in and around Pauls Hill, including their own Rothes 3 application right alongside the massive Clashgour development. All THREE development proposals have now received full objections from Moray Council and many hundreds of individual objections locally but still the Scottish Government’s machinery grinds on in its attempt to override local democracy, showing utter contempt for the clear views of their regional representatives and electorate. In addition. many of the quangos being ‘consulted’ on these applications are hopelessly compromised either through dependency on their political paymasters or through other vested interests. Local businesses and individual members of Morays remote upland communities are now lined up against these forces, with their phalanx of lawyers and consultants brought up from the South, for the Public enquiry running between 2-6 September. It is a staggeringly one sided battle, with the entire process polluted from top to bottom - and yet in this David v Goliath scenario, there is every prospect that “right will out” and these developers will be sent packing, despite their rich arsenal & political patronage. Hopefully then, our Government will switch their focus to spending OUR money on the proper research & development of more appropriate & effective Renewables solutions rather than feeding this developer frenzy with vast ‘subsidies’ through Constraint Payments and Contracts for Difference.

Paul's Hill 2 still map highlighted.png

Who’s behind the Pauls Hill 2 Development

Fred Olsen Renewables are behind Pauls Hill 1 & 2 as well as Rothes 1 & 2, with a proposal for Rothes 3 also in scoping. A massive foreign corporation, they clearly have it in for Moray whilst being dismissive in the extreme about their obligations towards community compensation for the damage they’re inflicting on our area.

This development is being made possible by the collaboration of Ballindalloch Estate or some element of it.

The most directly affected Community Councils are Heldon & Speyside

The Moray Councillors for the Paul’s Hill area are Derek Ross & Louise Laing

There is a Public session on the evening of Thur 05 September, where local businesses & individuals can express their concerns directly to the Reporter. Please let us know before the end of July if you’d like to join others speaking at this session. Alternatively do please come along on that evening and hear what is being said and express your support so the Reporter can be left in no doubt as to local sentiment on this issue. Details of location and schedule will be available nearer the time

The Save Wild Moray team can be contacted on: